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Today in nation news former third in command lordskyhawk37 has been released from royal nation due to him admitting he was corresponding with another community with one darkrai known as his left hand man. Correspondant derek Adams is on the scene. "As a former commander of royal nation i cant help but think we all have been betrayed by this guy.he helped us get through every threat the nation had to face here. He was there when the first roads were laid out in nation city. But one thing is for sure he lives to us all in the end...ignoring his people of the city, the army, even his fellow leaders of the nation. So the question everybody wants an answer to is what made him do what he did ?no other than his left hand man DARKRAI. This guy has filled mr johnsons head full of lies about us controlling him and telling him how to be a leader. But this isn't the only problem we've had with skyhawk...he was recently released from the nation during the war with S.I.K,because of poor leadership and no respect for his peers. After his re signing to the nation he "dropped the ball" with himself as a leader and dug his own completely released from the nation he is now moved out of nation city, his team has been kicked out of the nfl (West view knights), and is now considered an enemy if seen on nation territory. It is said by the police cheif of nation city that,"mr johnson is now a criminal of royal nation and will be shot on site if he is seen on our grounds." Next in nation news our royal nation warriors had a nice victory over Baltimore tonight with the score of 35-0.that now makes our boys a perfect seven and broyles says,"its a great feeling to be here at seven wins. We fought all year for pur record to be this good. And we aren't stopping here...we have nowhere to go but up." now for local news. In Poleto bay, nevada our boys in construction are building on to nayion city to expand our beautiful city to its limits. Our defences are quite nice and now we are upgrading to higher standard cars, planes, boats. Before we know it nayion city will be the technology capitol of the world. Well thats all for nation news make sure to catch our next segment of nation news.

new leadership
10th Jul 2014 · royalnation · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Attention all royal nation staff and members,

A new staff list has been made as of today here is our new leaders for our divisions:

C.O.D-black ops2-Lordskyhawk37
Halo:reach, Halo4-ArMyFuRyXiNg25
GTA V-ArMyFuRyXiNg25

If you are interested in trying out for a leadership position please contact me immideately.

recruiting is needed !!!
10th Jul 2014 · royalnation · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

Attention all royal nation staff and members...we have started a division in halofour. As the commander of royal-nation I have taken the rresponsibility to take it over until otherwise. So we are gonna need recruits and training maps a.s.a.p. so if you need assistance making maps or recruiting classes please notify me immediately. Recruiting starts now!!! Go nation

1st Mar 2014 · royalnation · 1 Comments · Likes · Like

people to get a hold of for divisions

Halo 3-ArMyFuRy XiNg25
gta5-ArMyFuRy XiNg25
cod ghosts-Lord Sky Hawk37
cod black ops 2-Lord Sky Hawk37
until further notice !

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